Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 37

this weeks fine finds

^^^photo frame was found in a abandoned box on top of my art cupboard; it was shoved in the corner. found out it was dated along with a scrap book and college diary from 1974'

^^^4 frames made after and during handing in my VA Body of Work. Vintage look added on simple plain canvas frames :)

^^^A mannequin doll i got to keep cuz it was going to be chucked in the trasssssh :0

^^^ a box found in the box dated from 1974

^^^ odds bits of jewelery and interesting metal found

^^^ my best friend at lunch gave me these. triple choc cookies

^^^a good way to end a terrible week, yes its the US acclaimed Sept issue; but 09 ;)

^^^whilst unpacking boxes I stumbled on 10 photo albums back when my parents were young. I swear my mum could've been a model.

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