Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pastel Power

Alexandre Herchcovitch

The soft pastel yellow pleats and the bead and leather work is truly remarkable. It works so well that i would buy them just to look at. They remind me of chic slippers in which one slips on to quickly run down the street to get bread at a convenient store at 8pm on a crazy NYC street.

Calvin Klein

If only money grew on tree's. CK look is classic. The soft hues are inviting to wear anywhere, anytime, any day. If i was older and had a slick job i would wear this, or maybe even the interview for it :P

Givenchy Couture

Givenchy is and will always remain elegant and chic (but will never out beat Chanel in a long shot, biased but true). The blood, sweat and tears that go into each and every dress can only be imagined. So silk and feathers are always a winner. Less is more!

Missoni SS 2010


Missoni's new collection clearly smacks you in the face saying "lets go on a adventure somewhere exotic, oh and ps. take these clothes with you on the trip"
the multi woven and coarse woven cardigans adn jumpers are really to sell your soul for. in the words of Rachel Zoe;
"I DIE!"
Prada Resort SS 2010

The collection is so simple and elegant there is no need for anymore additions. Low cuts and warm colours are great and fresh for the Utopian sunlight days on the beach and in the parks for picnics. The simplicity of the outfits compliment and draw eyes towards the focus; in which being the shoes. Only one focal point be necessary for a "LOOKBOOK WIN"; in which clutter and over complication of ones outfit will dramatically discomfort eyes.

gotta get some beauty sleep

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rachel Zoe For QVC

in the words of Rachel Zoe
"OH MY GOD.......i die!"

her line is the epitome of her boho chic style.
she really did "shut it down" so to speak


*gasp*....I DIE!

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

inspirational is an understatement.
your one of the people i would love to go back in time to meet. elegance and class if obviously your forte, hats off to you "coco"

^if the silhouette above was a painting i would of bought it buy now
nothing beats a silhouette

^ purpose = pointless & too revealing for my likings
aesthetics = marvelous and conceptually ingenious

^ i don't do riding but i would on this bike. if only money grew on tree's :(

^ mint sorbet: $3.50
lipstick: $10.95
chanel printed waffle cone: $30
the moment: priceless

Chanel Resort 2010 Collection Photo shoot

Items of Wear

^ nothing screams look at me than a white fluffy couture trail

^ i think this was a bold IDEA!

^ love the attention to detail. can someone please get these. i would...........but that would be pretty f***** up

^ reminds me of 60's MOD :))

^ keep the pattern, up the heel size and open the toes or sharpen the point. SHESH

^who ever photoshoped this sucks monkey ars*
but im a fan of nude pumps FO"SHO

Lily Allen for Chanel

perfect choice i presume. she captures this modern sophisticated Audry Hepburn attitude
me likey

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blog neglection

well i had a frenzy on ebay and lost some items :(

but bought these

designer engraved pocket watch

classic leather hat box

Monday, September 14, 2009

english, period4

things in which i view as a "lookbook WIN"