Tuesday, September 22, 2009

*gasp*....I DIE!

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

inspirational is an understatement.
your one of the people i would love to go back in time to meet. elegance and class if obviously your forte, hats off to you "coco"

^if the silhouette above was a painting i would of bought it buy now
nothing beats a silhouette

^ purpose = pointless & too revealing for my likings
aesthetics = marvelous and conceptually ingenious

^ i don't do riding but i would on this bike. if only money grew on tree's :(

^ mint sorbet: $3.50
lipstick: $10.95
chanel printed waffle cone: $30
the moment: priceless

Chanel Resort 2010 Collection Photo shoot

Items of Wear

^ nothing screams look at me than a white fluffy couture trail

^ i think this was a bold IDEA!

^ love the attention to detail. can someone please get these. i would...........but that would be pretty f***** up

^ reminds me of 60's MOD :))

^ keep the pattern, up the heel size and open the toes or sharpen the point. SHESH

^who ever photoshoped this sucks monkey ars*
but im a fan of nude pumps FO"SHO

Lily Allen for Chanel

perfect choice i presume. she captures this modern sophisticated Audry Hepburn attitude
me likey

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