Monday, August 31, 2009

i have a secret

i will post it up when i have the time :)

i hope anyone and everyone likes it, even if this is only addressing the friends who are following me and no one else is.
privacy is rare to come by.

colour spectrum

serious im sick of going in the city and seeing numerous girls wearing black dresses and black strappy shoes

some one should bring back colour blocking into Gen Y



if there is no variation you all look like spastic plastic clones :|

french provincial



gimme them or i''l watch you from your window
ebay items:

ps. I get to have this silver pot from art class; looks similar to the one below (but more crafted decorations on it)
utter brilliance i say!

3 hrs & 9 mins

possibly they are my favourite biopic and documentry ever.

september-issue-anna-wintour12.jpg (340×486)

best insight ever, she is better being blunt and decisive.
thanks lozzy d & ingridmoo for coming with me, even if we were surrounded by old menopausal women

thanks ingridmoo for lending me factory girl <3

ps. i burnt a copy of factory girl because the lady up the road at blockbuster is an evil dyke ;)

robert best

^^ummm, they are super sexy

blogger virgin

so this is COMPLETELY new to me;
and to think that i was proud of mastering facebook, twitter, myspace & windows outlook. brings failure back to my social networking skills :(