Friday, October 2, 2009


Oscar De La Renta
You have struck a place in my heart. I love vintage designs REVAMPED! I obsess about classical, ageless and timeless fashion, or mayb thats just my conservative side kicking in. Matching ensebles, jewel encursted gowns, body hugging skirts and sheaths with the attention to detail create absolute masterpieces

Well what can I say, i'm a fan of ruffles. Clean cut designs with one or two focal points to attract attention but never over the top. Subtle details add interest to each design .

Diane Von Furstenberg
Although the first picture is from SS Resort i just really wanted to add it in. was the only highlight that tickled by pickle, layering, colour scheme and ink bleed edges add great effect to the ruffles. Moving on..i feel DVF is in a Rachel Zoe inspired Boho Chic faze which is identified by the flowy urban dresses and flower head bands. Quite perfect to amplify the summer scene.

I've always been a fan of metallic gold sequins and/or accessories. If only the vivid lime green dresses weren't.......well GREEN!

For one i actually like there new SS Resort Collection. Pastels, Geometric Patters, Neon Silks with metallic embellishments and Patterned Pastel Pumps.

There gowns are too elegant it should be illigal. No wonder why all the celebs wear Marchesa at Red Carpet events because they are the epitome of chic and elegance. Marchesa gowns are on the rise..... exponentially.

This is my favorite collection beside Oscar De La Renta. Waisted belts, soft natural pastels, trench coats, belts, envelope clutches and drapery/knotting. The end result being timeless and wearable for anything. A+

Donna Karan
Complex draping wrap-a-rounds with thick waisted ribbons for silhouette and folded fabrics bring elegance and luxury to a SS outfit.

Heavy on the accessories would be a gross understatement. The collection was so laden with oversized flower and pearl necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, and hats. Emphasizes the an outfit is incomplete without the correct complementing accessories.

Zac Posen
Accentuation of clean shapes, with everything from simple & sexy stretch canvas sheaths to tops and body hugging skirts in mix-match floral prints to jersey button-downs and ruched silk pants in hard-candy colors.

Alexander Wang
The use of bulky teased braided plats, neutral tones and absolute bare minimal use of make up bring out the clean, fresh and natural sense in this SS Collection.

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